Creating Your Wedding Budget

As if getting engaged wasn’t complicated enough, then the conversation turns to planning the wedding. In order to start off on the right note, you want to be sure that you are clear about how much money will be involved.

It’s a sticky subject
There’s no doubt that talking about money is difficult for some, but factor in an emotional event and that’s a great way to keep everyone quiet. What do you do?

Traditionally, the bride’s family will pay for the wedding, but times have changed, so you’re going to need to negotiate a little bit more. You may hold true to tradition, but have the groom’s family chip in on additional costs at the reception or rehearsal dinner. Each situation is different.

Where is can become sticky is when one family is not as well off as the other. You don’t want the one family to have to shoulder the entire burden, but at the same time, you also don’t want to leave the other side out.
Many older couples are even paying for their own weddings in order to settle this discussion altogether. You could take out a loan as a couple as well in order to defray any wedding costs.

But it’s best to not have to go into debt at the start of a marriage.

Bringing up bucks
In order to get every family on the same page, it’s best to set up a meeting for everyone to talk at. This meeting will include the couple and anyone that wants to chip into the overall budget.

At this meeting, you will want to already have a list of all of the things that will need to be paid for—food, dress, reception, etc. It may even be helpful to put each of the budget items on index cards and pass them out to whomever volunteers. You will also want to keep a separate list so that you know who to ask for money.

Money doesn’t have to be a divisive thing at the time of your wedding. Give everyone a chance to chip in and you’ll have a happy family as well as enough money for everything that you want to do.

There’s no point in being dishonest about how much money you think you will need. Actually, it may be better to give yourself a little more than you think you’ll need to cover any unintended expenses.

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